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Swordsman Legend.txt _ Replace

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After they went out, Grandma Li said to Xiaoting, "This was twelve years ago.". We are tired of the vendetta in Jianghu, and we don't want to get involved in the enmity in Wulin any more. In order to avoid disaster, we left the Central Plains and came to the Great Wall. While passing through Hami, he saw four ferocious warriors chasing a middle-aged couple. The middle-aged couple, each holding a baby, were seriously injured. When we saw it, we couldn't bear it, so we came to the rescue. Three of the four warriors were brought down, and the other was wounded and fled. Before they died, the couple gave us their twin daughters and asked us to raise them for them. And repeatedly told the child to bring up, do not say to the child today, do not call the child revenge. And tell me to get out of this area quickly, and soon there will be a large number of people coming. With that, the couple took their last breath. After burying them hastily, a large number of people came from the distance, so we had to take the child and go. Xiaoting listened to the ups and downs, she felt that this pair of little sisters were more unfortunate than themselves, asked: "Grandma, who is the enemy who killed their parents?" Granny Li shook her head and said,precision welded tubes, "It was so sudden that their parents died before we could ask." "Granny, why didn't you ask about it afterwards?" "We have inquired about it. It turned out that there was an internal strife in the Hami Kingdom. In order to fight for power and profit, the royal family killed each other. Some of them were exterminated, and some of the whole clan could not survive." Xiaoting was stunned for a long time and asked, "Who is the enemy who killed their parents? Grandma not only doesn't know, but I'm afraid she doesn't even know who their parents are." "That's true.". But judging from the clothes of their parents, they should be members of the royal family, not ordinary retainers or bodyguards. I just felt why their parents said before they died,cold drawn tubes, don't let the children know about it, and don't let them take revenge when the children grow up. "Why?" "Because this is entirely a mutual killing in the Hami royal family, who is right and who is wrong, outsiders do not know.". If they knew that they wanted to avenge their parents, it would inevitably lead to another human tragedy of cannibalism. So they can't avenge this, nor can they, nor can they. "I understand that I can't report it. Why can't I report it and can't report it?" "Three or four years later, another civil strife broke out in the Hami royal family, many people died on both sides, and finally another member of the royal family was installed by the family elders.". This is a young and promising prince who has not been involved in internal strife. The man who killed their parents may have died in the civil strife. Xiaoting could not help nodding and said: "This is really not reported and can not be reported." So I didn't tell them the truth. Apart from abiding by their parents'last words, they don't want them to grow up in hatred and pain, which is not conducive to their growth. "Grandma, you're right. It's better not to let them know about it." "So what if you get revenge?"? If the enemy is a murderer who does harm to the people, killing him is not only for revenge, but also for one side. If the enemy is killed by mistake, aluminium coated tubes ,beam impact tubes, or if he has changed from evil to good, if you kill him, it will only lead to another vendetta, and the orphans and widows he left behind will not avenge him? When is this kind of retribution? Granny Li's words caused a great shock in Xiaoting's heart. She thought to herself: If the enemy who killed her parents had changed from evil to good, what should she do? Do we have to kill him? The little flower and the little grass said outside, "Sister, have you finished talking to grandma?"? Someone has come to invite my sister to a meeting. Xiaoting answered in a loud voice: "I'm coming." Granny Li said, "Tingnu, go to discuss the matter quickly. We'll talk about it later." "Grandma, I'm leaving. I'll come to see Grandma again when I have time and listen to her teachings." "Tingnu, you must not say that.". I only hope that you will give good advice to those two girls so that they can become chivalrous women with good hearts and deep sense of righteousness like you. I will. In fact, Grandma has trained them very well. Xiaoting took her leave and went away with Xiaohua Xiaocao toward Mochizuki (bbs.sept5.com September Forum).
Approaching the Mochizuki Pavilion, the sister stopped and said, "Sister, you go. We are waiting for your sister here." "Why don't you go in with me?" "Sister, you're going to talk to the adults, we." No, go in together. Remember, you are my sister, no matter what, we should be together, do not avoid anyone. "Sister, is this good?" "Of course, otherwise, how can we say that we will never leave each other?" "When my sister asks us to go, we go." The three of them entered the Mochizuki Pavilion together. The Mochizuki Pavilion was ablaze with lights, and a group of people headed by General Manager Li stood up together to greet Xiaoting. Everyone has a happy face. There is such a Villa Leader with excellent martial arts and a good heart in the Villa. How can everyone not be excited? After they asked Xiaoting to sit down in the main seat, they sat on the seats on both sides. This pair of little sisters, just like Xiaoting's personal bodyguard, stood behind Xiaoting with a sword, both curious and shy to look at the people in the pavilion. It was the first time they had seen such a big scene and such a serious atmosphere. Xiaoting has no experience as a leader and doesn't know how to lecture her subordinates as the owner of the Villa. She saw a pair of eyes staring at her, as if waiting for her to speak, can not help but say: "You do not look at me, you have something to say." When they heard this, they could not help looking at each other in astonishment. Manager Li and others could not help but put their eyes on Xiao Fengzi and seemed to ask, is what you said true? Xiao Fengzi said, "Nvxia Ting, everyone is waiting for you to speak. Did you promise to be the master of this villa?" Xiaoting said, "Didn't you tell everyone?" "I said, everyone will be relieved to hear you say it yourself.". Miss, you're not changing your mind again, are you? "That, that, that Bashan, they must throw me half dead." Xiaoting said with a smile: "Who told you to talk on weekdays, not a little serious, of course,impact beam tubes, people do not believe your words.". Brother Bashan threw you half to death, and you asked for it. "Miss, don't you want to kill me if you say so?" 。 cbiesautomotive.com
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